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Thought-provoking viewpoints on issues in Nigeria, Africa and the world.

About Hijabites And The Nuns

There is no much difference between the head cover used by the Muslim women and the Christian nuns, explains columnist Muhammad Ajah.

Hate Speech Bill, Need For Caution – NUJ

The NUJ calls on the Senate to tread with caution in their consideration of a bill before it that proposes capital punishment for hate speech offenders. 

Wind Of Change

Chinasa Udensi x-rays the travails of an erstwhile kingmaker as he struggles for relevance in the scheme of things taking place in a group he helped form.

Remembering Thomas Lambo And The Mysteries Of The African Mind

It is fourteen years - almost, since the great Thomas Adeoye Lambo died.

For Arese Carrington And Her Husband

On the 11th Of December, 2017, the high and mighty of Nigerian society gathered at the Civic Centre in Victoria Island to celebrate the Carringtons – Arese and her spouse – Walter.

Conversation With Niyi Osundare

The event was billed as the last installment of the programme ‘Literary Crossroads Nigeria’ for the year 2017.

The Greatest Conquest

Charity begins at home. The true victor is that man who conquers the battle within, writes Chinasa Udensi.

The Exchange – Part One

‘What are we going to do now?’ the young girl asked naively with tears trickling down her pretty face. ‘We?’ the boy asked with a...
Knowledge is power

Knowledge Is Power

Chinasa Udensi creates a vivid picture of why you should never stop learning as knowledge is power in this masterpiece.

Aunty Emily

Male and female children have equal opportunities to develop and achieve their full potentials if given the right orientation as children, advises Chinasa Undemsi

The Unseen Eye

No matter the pressures you are faced with in life, do not compromise or lower your standards advises columnist, Chinasa Udensi

Whose Report Do You Believe?

There is an ongoing battle between your faith and your fears, and your decision determines which emerges the winner, writes Chinasa Udensi.

Stop Donating Your Children To Boko Haram, Group Urges Parents

National Council of Women Societies (NCWS) has urged parents in the North-East to stop donating their Children to Boko Haram terrorists to be used as suicide bombers.

Pay Back Time

Your rise to the top may be truncated if you fail to identify all your 'stakeholders' and accord them the treatment they deserve, advises Chinasa Udensi.

Door Of Opportunity

Opportunities can only be seized and utilized by people who are prepared for them, explains columnist Chinasa Udensi.

The Master Key To Greatness

Service is the key to greatness! Serving God and serving in church is the master key to greatness explains Pst Korede Olusanya.

Another Man’s Shoes

Be wary of wishing to trade places with other people when you're faced with challenges as you don't know where other people's shoes pinch them, advises Chinasa

Maybe It’s You

No human is perfect and as such we sometimes need to look inwards to identify our flaws and seek help, writes Concise Columnist Adedoyin Adediwura.

Stand Up For Your Convictions

If you desire a change, then you must be willing to rise up to the occasion and stand up for your convictions, writes Chinasa Udensi.
depressed black woman

Next In Line

The key to your miracle is in association, not isolation, writes Concise columnist Chinasa Udensi.
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