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Timi Dakolo & Daddy Freeze: Does ‘Touch Not My Anointed’ Apply? [Pt. 1]
Yes, there are super fake pastors, false prophets, strange spiritualties and all unrighteousness, but there is no ministry of criticism in the body of Christ.
The Importance Of May 30th Every Year In Nigeria
Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba an Igbo indigene based in Boston, Massachusetts writes on the need to mark May 30th as a remebrance day for the Nigerian Civil War.
suicide News Nigeria
Depression, Suicide, Anxiety: Is Life Really Worth It? Where is Hope?
There are often thoughts that come to mind, questioning the essence of life. There are situations of maximum hopelessness that makes life seem unendurable.
Liverpool vs Barcelona, Liverpool, barcelona vs liverpool, Barcelona, barca vs liverpool, liverpool news, liverpool vs barca, Messi, Lionel Messi
Liverpool vs Barcelona: Implication Of The Catalans’ Collapse At Anfield
Mighty Barcelona crumbled under the onslaught of a Liverpool side inspired by their crowd on Tuesday night in the UEFA Champions League semi-final second leg. Concise News beams light on what this means for the Catalan club
Insecurity: Catholic Priests Meet In Kaduna
Dear Prophets And Seers, When Will Senseless Killings In Nigeria Stop?
An opinion piece by Reuben Rine (kalomovaah@yahoo.com)
Waje Quitting Music: Wake Up Call To Nigeria Music Industry
An opinion piece about singer Waje's decision to quit Nigeria music indiustry.
Nigerian passport
Is Being Nigerian A Misfortune?
An opinion piece by Omoshola Deji, a political and public affairs analyst..
Atiku Lands In Nigeria After US Trip
About Atiku’s Visit To The US And The Presidential Debate
An opinion piece by columnist Muhammad Ajah
Nigeria’s Democracy, Progress Under Buhari
An opinion piece by columnist Muhammad Ajah
Should IGP Idris Leave Or Stay On?
Columnists Muhammad Ajah sheds light on calls for President Muhamadu Buhari not to extend the tenure of Inspector General of Police Idris Ibrahim.
Catholic priest
Leaving Religion: Fears And Anxieties Of Apostates In Nigeria
Nigerians who are born into one religion or another are compelled to keep professing that religion- family religion - even when they believe otherwise....
52 Years Of Injustice And Ogundipe's 7 Step Rise And 7 Step Fall
52 Years Of Injustice And Ogundipe’s 7 Step Rise And 7 Step Fall
After the January 1966 coup d'Etat, Ogundipe experienced a seven-step promotion from
Mr. Right
Obinna jarred from his sleep at the announcement from a cabin crew. The twelve-hour journey seemed just like an hour!
Religious leaders
Between Religious Leaders And Challenges Of The Country
I wouldn't want to say much on this issue, especially now that it's clearing off the ground even though the crumbs are still seen and also been envisaged around the place.
Understanding Mergers And Acquisitions In The Global Market
Understanding Mergers And Acquisitions In The Global Market
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a popular term that refers to the consolidation of companies or assets through various types of financial transactions.
Nigerian Institute Of Journalism: What Next After The Radio Licensing?
Nigerian Institute Of Journalism: What Next After The Radio Licensing?
It is no longer news for residents of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) community and former residents that the overlong dream of having a community radio has finally come to reality.
52 Years Of Injustice And Ogundipe's 7 Step Rise And 7 Step Fall
47 Anniversary Of Ogundipe And Why History Calls Him A ‘Coward’ (3ai)
Ogundipe felt betrayed by Gowon. In his view, he sent Gowon to negotiate with the mutineers, only for Gowon to emerge as leader of the mutineers he was supposed to negotiate with.
U.S. Companies Put Record Number Of Robots To Work In 2018
The Future Of Human Labour And The Automation Of Industrial Processes
An opinion piece by columnist Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu.
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