Man, Wife Cries Out After Penis Enlargement Charm Overgrows Penis. (Image Credit:
Man, Wife Cries Out After Penis Enlargement Charm Overgrows Penis. (Image Credit:

A man and his wife have cried out for help after the charm he used to enlarge his penis size outgrew his organ.

Concise News reports that the man reportedly went in search of a penis enlargement charm after his wife raised concern about his less than satisfactory performance on bed.

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The couple, from Mahwelereng in Mokopane, Limpopo, South Africa, has been married for 11 years. But the wife says her husband became sexually weak three years ago.

The wife began to complain about his weak sexual performance and he secretly sought out a native doctor to help enlarge his manhood. Sadly, the charm backfired by giving him a penis that is too large for comfort.

He says: “She was always complaining that I didn’t satisfy her sexually and I thought going to a native doctor to get charm would help save my marriage. But now I just want my manhood reduced to its normal size.”

However, the wife complains about his new size, saying: “His manhood wasn’t working very well. But lately, I don’t even sleep with him because he is hurting me. I even told his mum I want to go back home.”

Meanwhile, the man’s mum reacted in shock to the change in her son’s penis.

She explains: “I didn’t give birth to my son with such a big thing. I want that native doctor to reduce it to its normal size. My son will not lose his family because of this.”

Explaining why the husband’s penis size grew too large, James Chuma, a native doctor originally from Sudan but based in Mokopane, says his client took an overdose of the manhood charm he gave him.

He states: “This man didn’t follow my instructions. He kept drinking that charm even when his manhood was growing big.

“But I will help him reduce it to normal size. It was for him to chose the right size, not me.”