Ex-NANS President, Abdul Mahmud Disowns Association, Cites Reasons
Former NANS President, Abdul Mahmud.

The 8th President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Barr. Abdul Mahmud has distanced himself from the association.

Mahmud, a human rights attorney and President of Public Interest Lawyers League, made this known in a series of tweets on Friday.

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The decision, Mahmud said became imperative due to the threat the association issued to the Academic Staff Union of Universities (Asuu) over its continued strike as well as the visit of the leadership of the association to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Berating the leadership of the association, the former NANS President and the Lead Attorney of  said, “only a generation without a sense of history will continue to walk the shamed path you have walked since 1999”.

Mahmud tweeted: “As the 8th President of NANS (1990-1992), I ask that my name be removed from all records and archives of the association. I shall issue a formal statement to this effect

“Recall that following the election of Bamidele Akpan President NANS a few months ago, NANS got in touch with me to seek support for his leadership and request for a visit to my office

“You subsequently sent me an invitation to your “Save Education Rally” pursuant to the Academic Reform (ACAREF) Programme I launched in March 1991

“I declined your requests because I was abroad and still abroad. I promised the association and leadership audience on my return to the country.

“That promise has now been nullified by the following: 1) the reckless threat issued to ASUU to forcefully eject its members from their homes 2) the ill-advised visit to Aso Rock, at a time students reel under the pain of strikes

“It is your choice to decide your programmes of action, but the choice does not include threatening Asuu, the historical ally of NANS- alliance that dates back to 1982

“Nor does it include the visit to @mbuhari, the then dictator who gave Nigerian students bullets when they asked for bread in 1984

“Recall that in 1984 when @MBuhari attempted to hike tuition fees and hostel fees, withdraw feeding & ban students unionism in higher institutions, NANS resisted him

“That year- 1984- NANS, which was 4 years old at the time was banned by @MBuhari and its President, Lanre Arogundade, arrested and locked up in Ife Prison till he was overthrown by IBB in 1985.

“Only a generation without a sense of history will continue to walk the shamed path you have walked since 1999.

“You all have the choice to either discover, fulfill, or betray your mission. Thanks @NANSNIG,” the tweet added.