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Cameroon Lifts Ban On Internet After Three Months

Cameroon has lifted the ban on internet services in the country's English-speaking regions three months after they were cut off following protests.

Military Court Convicts Journalist, May Sentence Him To Death

A military court has convicted a Cameroonian journalist for Radio France Internationale's Hausa service, on charges of 'non-denunciation of terrorism' and "laundering of proceeds of terrorist acts".

AT&T Awards ‘Nigerian Prince’ $1million Grant

A proposed movie on Nigerian email scammers, 'Nigerian Prince', has won $1 million grant at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.
Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates 91st Birthday

The longest reigning Monarch in the world, Queen Elizabeth II, who turned 91 years old today will be marking her birthday on a low-key.

Group Urges Media To Promote China-Nigeria Relations

The Executive Secretary of All-China Journalists Association, Wang Dongmei, has called on Nigerian and Chinese media practitioners to promote the cooperation between their countries.

Two Brands Of Flying Cars Launched

Flying cars might seem like the stuff of science fiction, but two prototypes were launched Thursday on the French Riviera, at an event showcasing ''supercars'' in Monaco.

Pope Francis To Make Fatima Child Shepherds Saints

Two of the three child shepherds who reported apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal, a century ago, will be declared saints on 13 May.

UN Security Council Strongly Condemns North Korea Missile Test

The UN Security Council on Thursday strongly condemned North Korea’s latest missile test and threatened to impose new sanctions against Pyongyang.

Supreme Court Bans Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Russian Supreme Court on Thursday categorised the Jehovah’s Witnesses as an extremist organisation and banned them from the country.

Duterte Denies Philippines Police Are Paid To Kill Drug Suspects

A spokesperson for the president of the Philippines has rejected claims that police officers have been receiving cash in exchange for killing drug suspects.

Intense Heatwave Kills 37 In India

Intense heatwave in India has gripped India with mercury soaring to 45 degrees in some parts of the country, leaving 37 dead.

Facing Death For Being Gay, Russian Men Flee Homes For Safety

Ilya (not real name) looks tired and drawn. After being beaten and tortured by men in military uniform in Russia's Chechnya region,
Snoop Dogg

US Man Dies ‘Peacefully’ After Falsely Told Trump Was Impeached

A 75-year-old man died “peacefully” at his home in the US state of Oregon after his ex-wife led him to believe that President Donald Trump had been impeached.
Vigorous Sex, Orgasm

Man Breaks Penis During Sex Romp

A 42-year-old man in China was rushed to the hospital with signs of 'eggplant deformity' following vigorous sex with his wife.

Venezuelans Hit The Street For ‘Mother Of All Protests’

Venezuelans took to the streets for massive demonstrations for and against President Nicolas Maduro, whose push to tighten his grip on power has triggered deadly unrest in the country.

North Korea Nuke US City In A Bizarre WW3 Simulation (Video)

A new video has surfaced online showing North Korea celebrating its most important national holiday with a simulated missile strike on a US city.

UN Investigators Discover 17 Mass Graves In Congo

United Nations (UN) investigators have found 17 new mass grave sites in central Congo and gathered reports of rapes and killings by soldiers.

UN Says 16 Staff Members Freed By South Sudan Refugees

16 staff members of the UN who were taken hostage by unarmed South Sudanese refugees have been released unharmed.

Benedict XVI Celebrates 90th Birthday With A Mug Of Beer

Benedict XVI, who resigned as pontiff in 2013, has celebrated his 90th birthday with a mug of beer and the company of visitors from his native Bavaria in Germany.

Ex-US President George Bush Hospitalised

Former US President George H.W. Bush has been hospitalised in Houston with a recurrence of a case of pneumonia he had earlier in the year, a family spokesman said Tuesday.


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