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Cyclone Wreaks Havoc In Mozambique

Reports from Mozambique say the country suffered high winds, flooding and sea surges when cyclone Dineo made landfall late Wednesday.
The forensic wing at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur where the body of Kim Jong-Nam is being kept -- North Korea objected to an autopsy © AFP MANAN VATSYAYANA

Another Woman Arrested Over Killing Of N. Korea Leader’s Brother

Police in Malaysia have arrested a second woman in connection with the killing of the half-brother of North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-Nam.

Trump Dismisses Talk Of Russian Connection As ‘Non-sense’

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday dismissed talk of a Russian connection as “non-sense,” two days after the resignation of his national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Six Die As Another Suicide Bomber Strikes In Pakistan

The latest assault was said to have happened in Peshawar after a bomber rode a motorcycle into a van carrying a judge travelling through an upmarket neighbourhood.

Assassinated Brother Of North Korea Leader To Undergo Autopsy

The body of the assassinated half-brother of North Korea's leader is to undergo an autopsy Wednesday, police have said, as they tried to ascertain discover how the killing happened.

Republicans Want Probe Of Flynn-Russia Links

Frontline members of the Republican Party in the United States have joined calls for a comprehensive investigation into the former national security adviser's links with Russia.
WWII Couple

93-Year-Old Survivor Marks 71st Valentine’s Day With Hero

Edith Steiner, an Hungarian Jew, who survived World War II and the Scottish soldier who rescued her, celebrate their 71st Valentine's Day together.

Brother Of North Korean Leader Killed In Malaysia – Media Reports

The 45-year-old was poisoned by two unidentified female agents using poisoned needles at an airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, according to South Korean broadcaster TV Chosun.

Indonesia Carries Out Condom Raids Over Valentine’s Day

Authorities in Indonesia raided convenience stores and seized condoms in a major city to stop teenagers having casual sex on Valentine’s Day.

Russia Ties Forces Top Trump Aide To Resign

Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump's national security adviser, has stepped down amid controversy over his contacts with the Russian government.
Botswana Lady

Botswana Lady Rips Boyfriend’s Testicles With Teeth

Botswana lady 32, bites off 33-year-old boyfriend's testicles after an argument that ensued because of her one-day-old late return from church.

Massive French Avalanche Claims Four Lives

Rescue workers say four skiers have died while five are missing in the French Alps after a massive avalanche swept through Tignes ski resort on Monday.

Valentine’s Day: Condom, Chocolate Banned In Malaysia, Indonesia

Reports say religious authorities in some countries have banned the use of fragrances, condoms and chocolates among youths in marking this year’s Valentine’s Day.

German Woman Kills Boyfriend, Beheads Him

A woman faces trial for allegedly beheading boyfriend, hacking off his head with a buzzsaw after killing him, for psychological abuse.

‘Unattractive’ Men In Japan Protest Against Valentine’s Day

With Valentine's Day just hours away, a group of Marxist protesters in Japan have called for an end to public displays of love, claiming it breaks their hearts.

‘La La Land’ Overall Best Film, Wins Big At BAFTA 2017

La La Land gets Overall best movie, Best Director, Best leading Actress and three more awards at the BAFTAs.

Kenya Court Jails Doctors Over Strike

Seven union officials have been sentenced to one month in prison by a Kenyan court over doctors' strike that has crippled public hospitals for 10 weeks.

Three Hearts Beyonce Stages New Age Grammy Show

Beyonce stages a three heart performance of Lemonade album with twin baby bump and Golden crown, chanting "If we are going to heal, let it be glorious," as she performs.

Winners, Categories At The 59th Grammy Awards

Adele took the highest number of awards besting her biggest contender Beyonce in the 2017 Grammy awards with 5 awards, who else won at the Grammys?

Unknown Substance Forces German Airport Closure

Authorities in Germany briefly closed the airport in Hamburg, after a discharge of a corrosive substance caused eye irritation and breathing difficulties.



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