A cricket coach imparting skills on school children/Photo: NAN

The Lagos State Cricket Association says the body would engage budding talents in grassroots-oriented programmes, to develop the sport.

Barnaby Ephraim, Vice-Chairman of the association, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos that it was only through developmental programmes that athletes could improve their skills.

Ephraim then informed that the body organised school programmes annually, adding that this year would not be an exception.

“Our aim as a body is to ensure that more children play cricket in Lagos by going to more schools to spread the sport.

“So we want to work in line with the vision of the Lagos State Sports Commission to uplift sports.

“We also look forward to the continuous support from the commission this year,” he said.

The Vice-Chairman further said the state cricket league, which had already commenced this year, has also helped to engage athletes one way or another.

He said efforts would be made to partner with companies and individual to sustain and boost the league.


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