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Foreign affairs minister, Geoffrey Onyeoma, recently said that President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia’s fate will be decided today in Abuja by ECOWAS leaders.

“There are some disturbing information the (Nigerian) president (Muhammadu Buhari) is hearing about the situation. President Buhari needs to verify and the Abuja meeting will take a final decision,” Onyeoma had told Reuters, without elaborating.

Information reaching Concise News has it that just as Onyeoma had told Reuters, Ecowas leaders are currently in a meeting in Abuja to discuss further steps to be taken on the Gambian situation.

Liberian president and ECOWAS chairman Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who also told Reuters recently that ECOWAS military force is already stationed in Gambia, is also in attendance at the meeting.

Jammeh is unrelenting in his decision not to concede defeat to Adama Barrow at the Dec elections as he closes down the fourth Gambian radio station earlier today.


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