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The Exam Timetable

Chinasa Udensi, in her own unique style, x-rays the raging debate on election re-ordering between Nigeria's executive and legislative arms of government.

Waiting For Sade

Chinasa Udensi creatively describes the pains and trauma parents of abducted innocent school-girls suffer while the abduction lasts.

Phillip Agbese’s Open Letter To Information Minister Lai Mohammed

It Is Time To Mount The Horse To Prove Your Mettle Sir, May I send to you warm Easter greetings in advance. I also wish all...
Rat, Bank notes

The Animal Kingdom

Chinanasa Udensi in this fictional piece beams her searchlight on money-swallowing animals phenomenon in Nigeria.

About Hijabites And The Nuns

There is no much difference between the head cover used by the Muslim women and the Christian nuns, explains columnist Muhammad Ajah.

Hate Speech Bill, Need For Caution – NUJ

The NUJ calls on the Senate to tread with caution in their consideration of a bill before it that proposes capital punishment for hate speech offenders. 

Wind Of Change

Chinasa Udensi x-rays the travails of an erstwhile kingmaker as he struggles for relevance in the scheme of things taking place in a group he helped form.

Remembering Thomas Lambo And The Mysteries Of The African Mind

It is fourteen years - almost, since the great Thomas Adeoye Lambo died.

For Arese Carrington And Her Husband

On the 11th Of December, 2017, the high and mighty of Nigerian society gathered at the Civic Centre in Victoria Island to celebrate the Carringtons – Arese and her spouse – Walter.

Conversation With Niyi Osundare

The event was billed as the last installment of the programme ‘Literary Crossroads Nigeria’ for the year 2017.

Maybe It’s You

No human is perfect and as such we sometimes need to look inwards to identify our flaws and seek help, writes Concise Columnist Adedoyin Adediwura.
Caf president Issa Hayatou/AFP

Caf Presidency: Urgent Need For Breath Of Fresh Air

Notwithstanding Issa Hayatou's achievements in Caf, the general consensus on the continent is that there is need for fresh air and that things must move much faster than snail speed.

Learn, Unlearn And Relearn

I was speaking with a 47-year-old man whom I've known for more than twenty years. He was more of an existing man now, rather than a living one.

Iceberg: Bridging The Lawmaker-Electorate Disconnect

Under Nigeria's democracy, only few privileged electorates have access to the lawmakers representing them. Lordson Okpetu in his column, Iceberg, x-rays the cause and consequences of this counterproductive disconnect.

Implementing The ‘Change Begins With Me Campaign’

Nigerians welcome the Buhari-led 'change-begins-with-me' campaign, but corruption seems to persist because old habits are hard to break. Dele Bodunde discuses what must be done before Nigeria can reap dividends of 'change'.

Dressing And Sitting Arrangement In Pentecostal Churches

Should what we wear to church determine where we sit in church? Adedoyin Adediwura tries to provide answers to this contentious issue.

Victorious Super Falcons Rewarded With Disgrace

That the Falcons had to take to the streets to protest and ask for their legitimate earnings spoke volumes of the decay and retardation that has recently befallen us as a Nation, writes Toyin Akiode.
Male child seems to be relegated to the background

Increased Opportunities For Girls At The Expense Of Boys; Real Or Imaginary?

Some Nigerian parents have raised alarm on the gradual relegation of the male child to the background and increased opportunities for girls at their expense. Are their fears real or imaginary?
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