Sixteen housemates facing possible eviction (Photo credit: Africa Magic)

This season’s Big Brother Naija is building up and heating up.

Housemates and viewers alike were stunned on Monday evening to learn that Biggie had cancelled the contestants’ nominations and declared that everyone was up for possible eviction on Sunday.


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That was the exclamation that greeted the surprise.

By now, they (housemates and viewers) should expect anything and everything in the House, which is married to intrigue.

Anyway, over to this weekend’s ”classic.”

Sunday’s eviction show will have so much to do with a combination of tension, fascination, exclamation and eviction.

Queen Khloe and her partner, K.Brule, are covered by the Head of House (HOS) immunity. Good for them.

Khloe was also allowed to save one pair. She chose LeoLex.

Those that are now up for possible eviction are Angelifu, Bamteddy, Cebi, Loto, Mina, Prito, Rineeka and Van-Dee.

Here are the housemates up for possible eviction, which pair will be evicted this weekend?


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