The social media has been agog with videos and memes making mockery of the defiance of MMMers following news that MMM-Nigeria has frozen participants’ account on Tuesday.

Concise News has, therefore, compiled some of the really remarkable MMM videos for your viewing pleasure.

With the current situation of things, these MMMers in the video above may soon find out that MMM is not actually ‘Osinachi’ (from God) like they thought.

You will recall that the the federal government through its agencies like SEC and CBN has repeatedly warn Nigerians to stay off MMM, cautioning them that its a pyramid scheme that is unregulated and unsustainable.

The house of reps also directed law enforcement agents to clamp down on promoters of the suspicious scheme.

Mind your business

In a related development, another set of MMMErs recently did a capela to warn non-participants of MMM to mind their business.

Many participants of the ponzi scheme are of the opinion that government and media are responsible for the program crash. This position was also contained in the letter allegedly written by Sergey Mavrodi to Nigerian authorities 24 hours before he freezing of account.

In the letter, Mavrodi had blamed the problem MMM is facing on government and media.

Comedic relief


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