Contrary to media reports making the rounds that a certain Pst. Ernest Mbanefo owns MMM Nigeria, the suspicious investment scheme does not belong to the South-Africa-based Mbanefo, Concise News gathers.

Mbanefo, in a telephone interview monitored in Lagos, Nigeria, told Concise News that he does not own MMM Nigeria.

He expressed his disappointment with the Nigerian media outlets that re-published the 3-month old PageOne report that he owns MMM-Nigeria for not verifying with him despite the fact that his contact details are readily available on the internet.

“I do not own MMM Nigeria. The original website of MMM Nigeria is All I’ve done is to use my knowledge of web designing to launch,” Mbanefo told Concise News.

In a video uploaded in July on platform, Mbanefo had said that he’s a graduate of MMM Guider’s school. He said he was among the 1995 graduating set.

The Okigwe-schooled preacher further told Concise News that he uses his website to give tutorials on MMM and thereafter direct interested parties to register on the official website.

He said he gets referral fees for his services.

Mbanefo, who presides over Justified Youth & Singles Ministry, South Africa, describes himself as a super affiliate of MMM. He says people refer to him as super guider because of his activities in the MMM program.

Affiliation with Sergei Mavrodi

Asked what his affiliation with the Russian politician and brain behind MMM Global, Sergei Mavrodi, is, Mbanefo said he has never met Sergei Mavrodi before.

“I have never met Sergei Mavrodi before. Mavrodi does not even know about my activities in the MMM program,” Mbanefo told Concise News.

“I’m not recognised by Mavrodi, I am only a smart participant,” he also added.

You will recall that Nigerian lawmakers had recently ordered a clampdown on participants and operators of the unregulated MMM investment scheme in Nigeria.

The program, which many have described as a Ponzi scheme, continues to grow despite repeated warnings from constituted authorities. Over 1.6million Nigerians are reportedly participating in MMM program as at November.


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