How To share AIRTELl Data balanace

Airtel data sharing appears to be the easiest compared to other networks. Use the Airtel SmartShare to share data balance. Simply Dial *141# to get that done.

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Transfer Airtime on Airtel With Me2u

The Me2u option is an option for any customer, who is on an active subscription to any data bundle, willing to share the Airtel data with another customer. Hence, the data shared will be in the receiver’s account and Me2u can only be shared with a single customer in a day. Follow the below procedure to Me2u data:

  • Simply dial *141#.
  • Select option ‘3’,
  • Select option number ‘2’, to send Me2u from the ‘existing data balance’,
  • Enter the number and the data volume you desire to share.
  • Example: 08088023161>60MB.


This Gifting option is an option whereby a customer, already an existing subscriber or who is on active subscription, is willing to gift Airtel data to another customer. The one sending data can easily share the Airtel data bundle with more than a customer whom he registered.  Follow the procedure to gift Airtel Data:

  • Simply dial this code *141#
  • Press the send button,
  • Select number ‘5’,
  • Then, Select option number ‘2’,
  • Select the type of bundle you will like to gift. The options available are ‘Monthly bundles’, ‘weekly/daily bundles’, and mega packs.
  • Press ‘1’ if you select the monthly bundle,
  • Then, choose the type of bundle you want to gift.

How To Generate Pin For Sharing Of Airtel Data

There is a simple way to generate pin for your Airtel data sharing bundle to avoid sharing of data sharing/Gifting.

You will find below how to create a pin for security reason and for smooth data transfer on your phone.

The first time you access your Data Sharing/Gifting it will require you to change your pin from default to any pin of your choice.

It is for the prevention of an unauthorized person from sharing data bundle without your consent. The chosen pin will prevent the unauthorized person from sharing your Airtel data bundle.

Follow the process below to change your pin:

  • Simply dial the USSD code *141#
  • Press the send button,
  • Select option ‘5’,
  • Then, select number ”1”
  • Change pin or you can continue with your default Pin, (1234).

Follow this procedure to generate pin for Airtel Data Sharing:

Dial *141#, then select option number ‘5’. You will be directed to “gift or share data”. Select option number ‘1’, after being redirected to “gift or share data”, that will redirect you to the option to change your PIN from the default pin which is, ‘1234’ to your desired pin.

How To Unshare Your Airtel Data Balance

airtel data balance

Adding number to Airtel Data Family and Friend is easy if the procedure is religiously followed, removing numbers might be frustrating at times if one did not follow the prescribed procedure.

If You want to delete a number you mistakenly add or you want to unshare your data with an existing beneficiary of your Airtel data to switch it to another person, any number can easily be removed.

You can easily unshare data with an existing user of your shared Airtel Data Balance without stress.

Also, If you want to add family, friend, or colleague to your Airtel Data and it is filled up completely, follow the procedure below to remove the customer:

  • Go to the message box;
  • Text DEL<Space> Phone Number> to 121.
  • Example: ‘DEL 08088023161’ send to 121.
  • The customer you deleted wouldn’t be able to use the data again.

Meanwhile, there are two options to connect people using Airtel Data Balance. It can easily be used through online method or via offline (SMS) method. All depend on the customer’s choice and convenience.

How to share Data On Airtel Via SMS

Airtel provides options to customers who prefer to carry out share data without internet by using the SMS method. Follow the steps below for easy sharing of data.

  • Top-up your Airtel Data and check the data balance.
  • Go to your message Box
  • Send ‘SHARE’ to 121
  • You will receive a message from Airtel.
  • Instruction will be given,
  • Follow the instructions. It will appear like this: “SMS ADD” < SPACE> Airtel Mobile Number> to 121;
  • A confirmation message will be asked for sharing Airtel Data Balance;
  • Select number ‘1’ for confirmation;
  • Then, you can share Airtel Data Balance with that particular number;
  • Continue to share Airtel data balance until you cancel it.

If you find the above procedure a bit difficult, you can easily follow the below method, which provides an opportunity to share data using the internet. It is referred to as the Online method of checking Airtel data balance.

How To Share Data On Airtel Via Internet

  • Simply top-up your mobile phone either by using 3G or 4G packs, if you prefer sharing via the Internet.
  • Remember to have an active subscription, check your Airtel Data Balance, by dialing *123*11#.
  • After you confirmed having enough MB on your internet Airtel Data Balance,
  • Visit the Airtel website. Type (,
  • Enter your mobile number; enter your generated Airtel pin (Password) or a single-time password that you will be sent to you via SMS.
  • Enter the receiver phone number to share your Airtel Data Balance; confirm the recipient number who will receive shared Airtel Data Balance.
  • Then add four Airtel numbers;
  • An SMS will be sent to you after you have successfully added your friend, family or colleagues to sharing your Airtel Data Balance.

How To Transfer Data On Airtel 

Airtel offers variety of data plans which ranges from 10MB, 25MB, 60MB, 200MB, depending on the amount of data you desire to share with your family, friends, or colleagues.

How to Share 10 MB Airtel Data

  • Simply dial *141*712*11*Valid Airtel Number#;
  • Press the send button,
  • Follow the instruction that will be displayed on your screen,
  • Data can be shared with prepaid Airtel customers only,
  • Transaction charge is required.

How To Share 25MB Airtel Data

  • Simply dial *141*712*9*Recipient Airtel Number#
  • Press the send button,
  • Follow the instruction that will be displayed on your screen,
  • Airtel Data can be shared with prepaid customers only;
  • Transaction charge is deducted: MB or airtime credit.

How To Share 60MB Airtel Data

  • Simply dial *141*712*4* Recipient Airtel Number#
  • Press the send button,
  • Follow the instruction display on your phone screen,
  • Airtel Data is shared with prepaid customers only;
  • Transaction charge is deducted: MB or airtime credit.

How To Share 200MB Airtel Data

  • Simply dial *141*1#
  • Press the send button,
  • Follow the voice instruction prompts to get more information.
  • Airtel Data can be shared with prepaid customers alone.

Note: All the data shared will lead to a deduction of #100 or 10MB from your Airtel data transfer.

Maximum Airtel Data Share In A Day

You can share data with maximum of 200MB data to a person if you are not using the SmartShare method.

You can share Airtel data with a maximum of two recipients daily. This shows that you can only share a maximum of 200MB each with two recipients in a day.

Nevertheless, you can gift a customer data from your Airtel Data Balance by simply following the Gifting method in SmartShare. It gives you the opportunity to share more than 1GB.