• Flour (1 cup)
  • Milk (2 tablespoons powdered)
  • Sugar (1 tablespoon)
  • Baking powder (1/4 teaspoon)
  • Nutmeg (1/4 teaspoon)
  • Salt (1/4 teaspoon)
  • Warm water
  • Vegetable oil for frying

Note: These amount of ingredients can only make between 5 -7 buns depending on the size. So if you want more, you just need to increase the quantity.

Buns quenches hunger! (Image Source: chefsteps.com)
Buns quench hunger! (Image Source: chefsteps.com)

Step by Step Guide on How To Make Buns

  1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

In a bowl, add the flour, sugar, baking powder, egg, salt, margarine and milk (or water).
To get a lighter consistency, you can use water.

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2. Add the warm water, normally a little amount is needed to make the dough sticky. It does not have to be too hard or otherwise. Mix thoroughly until the dough is smooth and stretchy.

Now cover and leave to rest for a few minutes.
Tip: If your batter is thicker, you can mold it into balls

3.  Heat the vegetable oil on medium (the oil should not be smoking hot or the buns will just cook outside without doing the same inside).

4.  Make balls out of the dough and drop in the oil.

5.  Fry until it becomes brown or till as desired.

Tip: When you drop the batter, it should sink to the bottom of the pot or pan. Just wait a few seconds and tilt it a bit with your spatula or spoon.

6. To fry the next batch, reduce the heat to low. This is because the oil is going to be too hot after the first batch.

6. Drain and enjoy!

Happy baking!

How to Make Nigerian Buns (Video)