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Women Near Men In Alcohol Consumption

New generation women take as much alcohol as men do, according to a global drinking study. This is attributed to change in societal roles for women.

Nigeria Back To Polio-endemic Status

Minister of Health, Professor Adewole bemoans Nigeria's failure to get WHO polio-free certification but said government is intensifying efforts to eradicate the virus.

Study Reveals Footballers Risk 67% Memory Loss

A study by the University of Stirling becomes the first to detect direct changes in the brain after players were exposed to everyday head impacts, as opposed to clinical brain injuries like concussion.
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Adewole Warns States Over Intervention Fund

The Minister said performance of states will ensure getting more funds in 2017. He also participated in an operation to repair VVF cases at the Federal Medical Centre in Abuja over the weekend.

New Research Says Plastic Bottles Cause Cancer, Diabetes

Scientists and Researchers have discovered that Plastic bottles have been found to contain hormone-disrupting chemicals that can cause cancer, diabetes, obesity, ADHD and autism.

Scientists Discover Miscarriage Gene

Scientists have discovered mutation in a specific gene suggested to be responsible for an increased risk of miscarriages in women. This discovery will help increase diagnosis and treatment of recurrent miscarriages.

Myth Busted: Sex Is Not Exercise – Scientific Research

A report by the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) has shown facts that sex in not an exercise. This is contrary to the view by many people that sex is a good form of exercise.

PepsiCo Moves To Cut Down on Sugar

As pressure continues to increase on Soft Drinks companies, PepsiCo Inc has announced that it will reduce sugar content on all its products by 2025. The reduction it says, will help reduce, obesity and diabetes.

Rotary, BGF Raise $99m To Fight Polio In Nigeria

Rotary International in partnership with the Bill Gates Foundation has raised $99m to ensure complete eradication of the polio virus in Nigeria. While Rotary International raised $33m, Bill Gates Foundation will donate $66m to the cause.

WHO Joins Call To Tax Sugary Drinks

The World Health Organisation has called for huge fiscal policies to ban or increase taxation for production of sugary foods and fast foods. This is to help discourage consumption, thereby reducing the risk factors of these foods.

Reduction In Alcohol Consumption Remedies Liver Problems

Abuja based medical practitioner, Dr. Okezie Emenike, has disclosed that reduction in alcohol consumption could help treat liver problems like liver cirrhosis.

Cancer: Over Two Million Cases Recorded In Nigeria

The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria confirmed that 100,000 new cases are documented every year. The body attributed the high rate of cancer in the country to shift from the consumption of natural to artificial food and lack of regular physical exercise.

Scientists Finally Discover Cure For HIV-AIDS?

Scientists treating a 44-year-old British HIV+ve patient are now hopeful of a breakthrough in what has been described as 'one of the first serious attempts at a full cure from 'the dreaded disease'.
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Early Morning Sex Saves Life – Prof. Musa Yakubu

Having sexual intercourse early in the morning is a good way of preserving one’s life, according to a professor of Biochemistry from the University of Ilorin.
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