Chelsea Star Abandons Contract Talks, Baptizes In River Jordan (Photo)
Willian won the Europa League in 2019 with Cheslea. Source: Twitter

Chelsea star Willian was recently baptized at the River Jordan, the same place that Jesus Christ was recorded to have held his own.

The Brazilian who won the Europa League about two weeks ago with the Blues is on holiday in Israel and took the time to perform the symbolic Christian act.

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He is still in contract talks with the London side as Brazil prepares for the 2019 Copa America.

Concise News understands that Willian is a devout Christian and shared photos of the act on his Instagram handle.

“Joy in reaffirming my baptism, in a place that I consider extremely important. Jordan river!” he wrote, alongside a series of pictures.

The River, running along the border between Jordan, the Palestinian West Bank, Israel and southwestern Syria, is one of the holiest sites in the Christian faith.

And after he shared the images, some players lauded him for getting baptized with Tottenham star Moura writing, “Glory to God! How wonderful, my brother. I’ll still know this place.”

Below are the photo(s) from Willian’s baptism at River Jordan: