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Kogi state governor Yahaya Bello Photo: Kogireporters

Senator-elect of Kogi East Senatorial Jibrin Isah has identified Governor Yahaya Bello’s economic plans as one of the reasons he should be re-elected, Concise News reports.

This online news medium understands that Bello had last week said he was seeking re-election to lead Kogi State.

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In a statement on Monday, the Senator-elect said: “I am wholeheartedly endorsing the bid of my friend and brother, Yahaya Bello, for a second term in Office as Governor of Kogi State.”

He added that: “I have experienced firsthand the character and leadership of several past occupants of Government House, Lokoja and I can attest that Governor Yahaya Bello stands out for trustworthiness, forthrightness and commitment to good governance.”

This is as he admitted that “no society has ever found Plato’s Philosopher-King, that prototypical ruler who by a perfect blend of knowledge, intelligence, reliability and simplicity is the epitome of good governance.

“Leaders may emerge who display his ideal attributes to a lesser or a greater degree, but none can achieve his perfection.

“Governor Bello is no Philosopher-King, but I have observed that he possesses a sincere desire to lead well, a disposition to serve the people and the political will to take difficult decisions and follow through on them.

“His Excellency has shown great promise in his first term and I am convinced by his track record that he remains our best option towards a brighter future for our state from amongst those who present themselves and meet the legal requirements to run for the position of Governor of Kogi State.

“Governor Bello’s Economic Blueprint , which was unfolded during the last Kogi State Economic Summit is being pursued, resulting in various partnership arrangements, meant to harness the abundant natural resources, and equally revive some of the hitherto vibrant government enterprises, in the state , in order to create employment opportunities for all categories of Kogites.

“It is thus my considered opinion, after due consultations with my followers and stakeholders, that for the Kogi State Gubernatorial Elections in November, 2019 our incumbent Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, remains the best candidate.

“We shall give him our unalloyed fidelity and strong support. I call on all lovers of our state to join me in this worthy endeavour.”