The lover's day is around the corner and some eateries in the heart of Surulere, Lagos State said it has begun preparation to make the day a memorable one for their prospective customers.

The lover’s day is around the corner and some eateries in the heart of Surulere, Lagos State said it has begun preparation to make the day a memorable one for their prospective customers.

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While speaking to some of them, it was confirmed that the annual Feb 14 celebration is one many fun seeker are enthusiast about and they have put in extra effort to make this year celebration a more exotic and evergreen.

Valentine’s Day is a global lover’s day celebration and is observed on Feb. 14 of every year.

Nigerians, like its counterpart in other parts of the world, mostly seize the moment to take their partners on a loving treat to different locations where they can a memorable moment of love.

Eateries, Resturant, Cinema and also exotic trips are ways people celebrate the day.

Concise News gathered how many popular eateries in part of Lagos are preparing to give their customers an amazing and surprising treatment for the celebration of love.

One of the fast-rising restaurant Awoof Berekete in Obanikoro, Lagos said it has made an exotic preparation for its customer to make the day a memorable one.

According to the manager, special treatment will be given to customers.

Mr Biggs, located along Ogunlana Drive now has a beautiful array of red and white balloons hung at the entrance.

Manager, Mr Fatai Adeyemi, also said that the eatery always makes it a priority to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for fun seekers, especially, on special days like Valentine’s Day, Easter and Yuletide.

“Every everyone who walks into the eatery on Valentine’s Day will feel special with the special decoration.

“We have also made provisions for special treats for our intending visitors such as local and continental dishes for the day,’’ Adeyemi said.

Also, the supervisor of one of the tantalizers: another eatery, Mr James Olamilekan, said that they had planned to make this year’s Valentine’s Day a special one for those looking for more.

“Fun seekers will be welcomed by our staff, who will be wearing t-shirts with the inscription, `have you been tantalised lately.’

“A DJ stand will be erected at a corner, playing the latest and best love songs for fun seekers from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m,’’

Olamilekan added that the eatery would also provide for sales: non-alcoholic wine, local dishes, unique Valentine’s Day cakes and delicious cupcakes as part of the extras for the day.

Mr Miracle Nwokolo, Manager at Delight African Kitchen located around Ojuelegba, told NAN that they would be serving delicious African dishes to whet the appetites of fun seekers on Valentine’s Day.

“Our long list of African dishes will include: `amala’ that would be served with `gbegiri’ and `ewedu’, `afang’ soup with `fufu’, assorted beans, Nigerian jollof rice with `moi moi’ and semolina served with preferred soup.

“We also intend to make this year’s Valentine’s Day more exotic with our carefully selected Nigerian love songs and very tasty finger foods,” Nwokolo said.

Also a staff member of `Yakoyo’, an `abula’ joint, located along Ogunlana Drive, said that they were making preparations that would make the Valentine’s Day celebration an exciting one for fun seekers.

The staffer of the joint, popular with its delicious `amala’ with `ewedu’ and `gbegiri’ stews, added that they were poised to entice their guests with other tasty meals like `ikokore’, (a pottage recipe from Ijebu).

He added that they would serve their customers pounded yam, porridge and indomie served with either `asun’, chicken or gizzard starting from morning till late night.