Psychiatrist Reveals That 20 Percent Of Nigerians Are 'Mentally Ill'
File image. Courtesy Community News Commons

A Psychiatrist Consultant at the Federal Medical Center, Gusau, Zamfara, Aremu Saad, disclosed that over 20 per cent of Nigerians is suffering from different forms of mental illnesses.

Concise News understands that Aremu made this known on Thursday while addressing journalists, adding that many of the patients do not know that they were not well due to the carelessness of routine medical checks.

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The psychiatrist said the amount was part of various mental health care researches conducted by experts in recent years.

He said: “We are also very sure that only about 20 per cent of those with the illness has violent tendencies and the illness is curable if medical care is given and the patient adheres to the doctor’s prescriptions.”

”The situation was further compounded by the non-passage of Mental Health Bill by the National Assembly.”

Speaking about the causes, Aremu said mental illnesses could occur due to drug abuse, genetic transfer, depression, or even if one loses an election, like in recent times in Nigeria.

He then disclosed confidence in the passage of the bill on Mental Health, noting that it would address the issues of treatment, facilities, offenders who hide behind mental illness and stigmatisation among others.