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Liverpool won the 2018/2019 Champions League after beating Tottenham 2-0/Standard UK.

Streaker Kinsey Wolanski has said she invaded the pitch during the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham because she wants to be remembered.

Concise News understands that Kinsey Wolanski invaded the pitch in Madrid, Spain on Saturday scantily dressed.

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It happened in the first half of the match as she jumped over the advertising hoardings, and then sprinted across the Wanda Metropolitano pitch.

She was, however, hauled off the pitch by stewards, remanded and later on released.

After the incident, she took to social media to reveal why she took the action, sharing a video of the invasion alongside.

“Life is for living, do crazy things that you will remember forever,” she wrote.

Her social media followership has shut up from tens of thousands to 900k just some hours after the incident.

Concise News recalled that her boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, a famous YouTube prankster,  disrupted the 2014 World Cup final in Brazil.