Former Super Eagles Star Carl Ikeme Hints On Return To Football
Carl Ikeme is currently treating Leukemia. Photo: Instagram

A former Super Eagles star Carl Ikeme is considering a return to football close to one year of being inactive in the game, Concise News reports.

Ikeme who played football all his life with Wolves after joining them at 14, retired last year from the game due to leukaemia.

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Before then, he was the Super Eagles first-choice goalkeeper and played some of the qualification matches for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The footballer, having undergone treatment following the development, has expressed his desire to return to Wolves in a coaching role.

“With football, last year, it was not something I envisioned going back into. Now this year, slowly, the taste is coming back,” Ikeme told Express and Star.

“It’s not fully there yet, I’m not too sure, but maybe, eventually, I’d like to be involved at some level.

“I don’t know if it would be full-on or full-time, but I’d like to do something around the club.

“The club have always been brilliant with me and said the door is open when I’m ready to come back.

“Everything is settled in my life at the minute, and I’m not quite ready to make a decision.

“When I decide I want to do it, I want to be able to do it to my fullest. Maybe in the near future, maybe into the next year, possibly. I’d like to be involved with the club. I think I could help in any sort of way.”