Ikpeazu Denies Plan To Ban Keke NAPEP In Abia
Tricycles/File Photo

Nigerians have condemned the ban on tricycles called “Keke NAPEP” in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, Concise News reports.

The FCT government recently banned the use of “Keke NAPEP” around the metropolis with the riders on Monday protesting the development.

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According to the FCT administration, the tricycles were banned as many criminals operate with them.

It noted that buses would be introduced to replace the “Keke NAPEP” banned in the capital city.

The development has, however, drawn condemnation from Nigerians who took to Twitter to bash the FCT government.

According to them, the ban of “Keke NAPEP” in Abuja would create unemployment with over 40,000 people said to be operating the tricycles.

Others lamented that aside from causing unemployment, the ban would make the movement of persons and goods difficult for residents of Nigeria’s seat of power.

Here are the reactions from Nigerians on the ban of “Keke NAPEP” in Abuja: