Netherlands Nigeria, Fish Farming
Image: Business Day

The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) has said the value of the seafood export to Nigeria between has reached $35million between January and October 2019.

Concise News understands that NSC Director Trond Kosvelt said this on Monday in Lagos during a press conference.

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According to Kosvelt, Nigeria’s seafood export is the second largest in the world, noting that Nigeria is its biggest export market in Africa with about 21,500 tons of seafood export.

“Norwegian seafood represents all the export of seafood in Norway and it’s the second largest in the world. We saw a need to have a seminar this year, a two-day workshop that would be useful to learn about exporters, importers and seafood,” Kosvelt said.

“The seminar will include presentations on stockfish, stockfish heads, salmon and pelagic species that we export. Most importantly, it focuses on the safe method of preserving seafood.

“We learnt that there are people who use Sniper to prevent insects and other unwanted pests from perching on their products but this ends up destroying the consumers which is why it’s very dangerous and needs to be curbed.”

Kosvelt, “So during the workshop, preservative methods will be explained. A Norway expert on food safety would speak on what to do about storage to make your stockfish last for as long as you want.

“One of the reasons for this workshop is to show non-Norwegians how we prepare our stockfish and the difference is that we water ours for a week to bring back it’s freshness before using. We want you to see the specialty in the Norwegian system and what the chef would prepare would be an inspiration to you.”