Osita Chidoka

Former Minister of Aviation Osita Chidoka has said that Nigeria’s educational system is on the verge of collapse, Concise News reports.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain on Sunday said the country has not met the hopes and aspirations of the younger ones since its independence in 1960.

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Chidoka, however, said he believes that there is hope for Nigeria in the years ahead, especially with the right combination of technology innovation and talent on the part of the younger generation.

He said: “Is this the Nigeria that was the hope and aspirations of 1960? If a child has great talents, will Nigeria make it possible for him to unfold those potentials? I doubt that very much.

“What is happening is that 60 years after independence, we cannot export groundnut out of Nigeria. 60 years out of our independence, our educational system is on the verge of collapse”.

When asked if the nation faces a bleak future when compared to its journey since independence, the former aviation minister believes Nigeria “was at its finest immediately after the civil war.”

“We took our deliberate decisions to build back a nation. That was a Nigeria that went ahead to say no victor no vanquish.

“That was the Nigeria that introduced the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) that took Nigeria from their various communities to where they have never been to,” he said.