Minimum Wage: Labour Makes Fresh Vow
File image of labour members’ parade during a strike

The organised labour has called on lawmakers at the state levels to make governors implement the new minimum wage, Concise News reports.

This appeal came on Sunday in Lagos State from the General-Secretary of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Emmanuel Ugboaja who was addressing journalists.

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Ugboaja noted that the lawmakers will be identifying with workers in the country, urging them to impeach any governor who fails to implement the new wage structure.

“It is criminal to say you cannot pay the new minimum wage,” he said. “Some of these leaders ride in a private jet, so they can pay.’’

According to him, the organised labour was in support of the return of the Labour Advisory Council, saying it would help to mediate between government and workers.

Also, he called on the Federal Government to sanction employers who would not pay the new wage.

President Muhammadu Buhari signed the N30,000 minimum wage law on April 18 with the labour and government debating on the consequential adjustment on workers’ salaries.

However, on October 18, they agreed on a 23.2 percent increase for workers on grade level 07 and 20 per cent for those on grade level 08.

Furthermore, a 19 per cent hike is to be paid to workers on grade level 09, sixteen per cent for those from levels 10 to 14 and 14 per cent for grade levels 15 to 17.