Dele Odule
Veteran Nigerian actor Dele Odule. Photo credit: Instagram.

Veteran actor Dele Odule has said that despite not having money as people think, he is grateful for living by the standard of an average Nigerian.

Odule made this known while speaking about his life as an actor.

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On why he has not produced movies in a long time, the actor said the cost of production had been a barrier.

“Honestly, I do not have money. But I thank God for His mercy because, by the living standard of an average Nigerians, I contented,” Odule told Daily Post.

“Anything worth doing at all, is worth doing well, I’ll prefer a production that can stand the test of today, be produced, which I don’t have such financial muscles now. But good enough, I still act regularly, which is the main thing.

“The cost of production (a good one at that) is very high nowadays, it is way expensive than it used to be.”

Advising newcomers in Nollywood , Odule, 58, said: “Majority of newcomers are too cosmetic. They should try and be more dedicated to the job so as to be able to remain there for a reasonable period of time.”

“Some of these guys are just using this industry to cover up. They are not genuinely in love with the trade and this makes them to ignore ethics of the profession; which include orientation and discipline. Character is also Germaine in becoming a successful role interpreter.”

Odule came into limelight after production of his first movie titled “T’oluwa Nile” in 1993 and has produced about 12 movies so far.