Heung-min Son. Getty Images

Tottenham forward Heung-min Son has been devasted after Everton’s André Gomes suffered a horrific injury in a Premier League clash on Sunday.

The Korean tackled Gomes from behind as the Everton player raced down the left-wing. The player then clattered into Serge Aurier head-on. Son immediately raised his hand to acknowledge he was late in the tackle and unaware of the severity of the injury.

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Harrowing images showed Gomes surrounded by concerned teammates, clearly in agony and with his ankle bent at an angle.

The Portuguese player was stretchered off and taken to hospital. Television replays don’t show whether Gomes’ injury was directly caused by Son’s tackle or Aurier.

A distraught Son was in tears after seeing how serious Gomes’ injury looked. Referee Martin Atkinson, who had initially shown Son a yellow card, decided to issue the player a straight red.

“Son is devastated and in tears. It’s not his fault. Son is one of the nicest people you’ve ever met. He can’t even lift his head up, he’s crying so much. The injury does play on your mind but you have to stay professional,” goal scorer Dele Alli said afterward.

Spurs coach Mauricio Pochettino also hopes Gomes has a speedy recovery and return to the game. “We feel very sorry. It’s a very bad situation. It’s very bad luck how he landed. Spurs can only send our best wishes to him. It’s not about football, it’s important that he is okay. The club feel devastated, it was so, so difficult. Son is devastated and he was very confused. It was difficult to keep calm. The tackle was not intentional. It was so, so bad luck”.

While details of Gomes’ injury won’t be known until tests have been concluded, some commentators have suggested that he could have suffered a broken shin bone – an injury which would certainly rule him out of next year’s Euro 2020.