Muslim Cleric Slams 'Islamic' Torture Centres
Inmates Recount Ordeal In Illegal Ilorin Rehabilitation Centre. Image credit: Kwara Police Command

An Islamic Cleric, Malam Rashid Hashim, has denounced Islamic centres involved in physical and mental abuse of ‘’inmates’’, describing them as not reflecting the true teachings of Islam, Concise News reports.

It would be recalled that the Nigerian Police recently uncovered some ‘Islamic’ centres in Kaduna, Katsina and Lagos states where hundreds of people were found abused and held in chains against their will.

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Hashim denounced the centres on Sunday during the 1st graduation ceremony of Ali Institute for Quran Memorization (AIQM) in Ibadan.

The cleric said that those centres were not true representation of Islam and the people behind them only used the places to enrich themselves and eke out a living.

He called on the government to see to how such centres could be standardized to reflect the true teaching of Islam.

”Government should intervene by providing good structure, facilities, employ competent and learned Islamic teachers.

” The system will change if government can intervene and as well understand that Muslims have larger population in Nigeria and deserve sound religious education.

“With this, government will be rest assured that Nigeria will be producing future scholars and leaders that will run a corrupt free society,” Hashim stated.

The first set of graduands from the institute, established in 2016, comprised 11 pupils who completed the memorisation of the holy Quran.

The Director of the institute, Ali Abdussalam, said that the institute was established to provide qualitative Islamic education.

He said that it was discovered that Muslim children lacked Islamic knowledge because most of them do not have the opportunity of attending Madrasahs (a college for Islamic instruction) again due to the volume of work they do in school.

Abdussalam said that most Muslim children enter higher institution without enough knowledge of Islam.

“Unfortunately, what the society teaches them on a day to day basis will destroy them, their future and hereafter.

“We, therefore, took the pain to not only teach them the Quran but to make them understand the teaching of the Quran for them to become good ambassadors of Islam anywhere they find themselves.

”Our students come from different parts of Nigeria and overseas: such as Lagos, Oyo, Ondo, Ekiti, Abuja, Kano, Nasarawa, United Kingdom, among others, Abdussalam said.

The director called on the graduands to be good ambassadors of Islam and the Quran wherever they find themselves.

One of graduands, Mustapha Lawal, appreciated his parents for sending him to Quranic memorisation school and called on other parents to do likewise.