Xenophobia: APC Condemns South Africa Over Attacks On Nigerians

Former Governor of Imo state Senator Rochas Okorocha has expressed his concerns that  the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) may lose in 2023, as it does not have a common ideology.

Okorocha, while speaking in Kano on Saturday addressed the long feud between APC National Chairman, Adams Aliyu Oshiomole and Edo state governor, Godwin Obasaki.

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Stating that a political party is expected to share a common belief, he warned against internal crisis within the ranks of the APC leadership.

“Any political party that is full of internal crisis is no longer a political party in the real sense of a political party.”

“This idea of crisis and idea of commotions shows that the said party does not have a common ideology, but when it comes to the issue of do-or-die, it is no longer a political party.”

“So, let us see what we can do in this country to redefine what we mean by internal democracy. This way people have options, this is why we don’t believe in one-party system. ”

“We must have different political parties and identify the one that is in line with your vision, the one that is in line with his political beliefs.

“What has been our challenge in Nigeria is that we don’t really a common vision and common ideology for our political parties.”

“Talking about what is happening in Edo state, it is unfortunate but a true political party cannot work against itself.”

The senator further stated that, “I have said this earlier, APC is a party that we hurriedly put together when we were governors because we felt that the government at that time was not living up to expectation and we wanted to make sure that we brought about change at that time.

“That is why we came together and formed the All Progressive Congress and we ensured that the party got power in 2015. That was how it was then and we achieved that.”

“ President Muhammadu Buhari gave character to APC. He brought his integrity to bear on the party. He made the party what it is in the northern part of the country”

“but after the credibility of Buhari into APC, there seem to be no alternative in the same manner that will drive this party to 2023 victory,” Okorocha said.

“This is why I expressed my concern that if we are not very careful, APC might go with Buhari in 2023, and that will be a very unfortunate situation for the founding fathers of APC. The party needs to show purposeful leadership, show character.”

Also speaking on border closure, the former governor said: “I think border closure means that we should begin to look inward on better ways to feed ourselves. By creating that kind of atmosphere, people will now begin to understand why we should self-reliant and ensure food security.