Cindy Okafor (source: Instagram)
Cindy Okafor (source: Instagram)

Reality star, Cindy Okafor has tendered a public apology to clothing stores after they dragged her on Instagram over breach of contracts.

Concise News understands that Cindy had shared a photo of herself in a green velvet dress after a clothing store accused her of not giving it credit.

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Other clothing stores also accused Cindy of sharing photos of herself wearing outfits gifted to her without giving them credits.

Among them is Meg Mario Empire on Instagram calling her out in the comment section of her post about a week ago.

“I feel cheated each time i think about it. You have refused to tag me in your post and also refused to pay for the shoe. You can’t always eat your cake and have it.”

Another Clothing store wrote “Cindy, you’re so mean. How can you post a free dress without tagging and then hiss and cut the call on me.”

One identified as Bloomingdale07 wrote “some people are just ingrates I am still shocked that after free clothes of over 80k and with the collaborative shoot we had and she didn’t still tag.”

After ignoring the clothing lines who called her out, Cindy has in a video addressed the issue, she apologised to brands.

In her words: You know what, two wrongs can’t make a right. My sincere apologies to all affected.”

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, singer Mr 2kay and actress Nkechi Blessing had asked her to do the needful when the clothing stores called her out.