Paul Okoye aka Rude boy (source: Instagram)
Paul Okoye aka Rude boy (source: Instagram)

While Paul Okoye aka Rude boy of the defunct Psquare music group is still in the ‘audio season’ he has asked if anyone knows who sells cement in hell.

Rude boy asked in an Instagram post in the early hours of Saturday where he stated that he was building three mansions.

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According to the singer, he is building two mansions in heaven and one other in hellfire.

“I’m building 3 brand new mansions 2 in heaven and 1 in hell pls who knows anyone who can supply cement in hell? definitely it’s Audio season what a year” Paul wrote

Recently, Paul released a song titled ‘Audio money’ where he shook some tables about people living fake lives on Instagram

A part of the song says “Everybody rich for Instagram (listen) Poor man no dey for Instagram (at all) Dem call me like say na me start am (yeah) Living fake life with cheap data”