Tinubu Makes Appeal To Atiku After His Supreme Court Loss To Buhari
APC’s Tinubu and PDP’s Atiku share a warm embrace. PHOTO CREDIT: The Whistler NG

The national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Bola Tinubu, has extended an invitation to Atiku Abubakar to join the All Progressives Congress (APC) to move the nation forward rapidly.

He made the appeal while congratulating the APC and President Muhammadu Buhari for a “well-deserved legal affirmation of a hard-won electoral victory”, and also commended PDP and Atiku for their tenacious pursuit of what was their legal remedies.

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“The rule of law conclusively affirmed the collective voice of the people by dismissing the petition filed by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and their presidential candidate, former vice president Atiku Abubakar,” Tinubu said in a statement he personally signed.

“Atiku should now channel the energy and intellect deployed in the electoral and legal processes toward joining APC to move this nation more rapidly and assuredly forward.”

The former Lagos State governor also commended the supreme court for its competent way of handling the case.

“Democracy has been affirmed and strengthened. By its ruling, the supreme court also affirmed that the rule of law is paramount; that the law is to be applied objectively, without regard to fear, friend or foe,” he said.

“The law is the law. Nothing is to be added to it and nothing subtracted from it. No one should enjoy undue favour or suffer unjust prejudice from its application.

“In so doing, it undergirded its reputation as the highest court in the law and the ultimate guardian of the rule of law in our nation.”

Tinubu promised that the Buhari-led administration will work on behalf of Nigerians to build a better nation.

On Wednesday, a seven-man panel of the supreme court led by Tanko Mohammed, the Chief Justice of Nigeria, dismissed Atiku’s appeal against Buhari’s victory at the February 2019 elections.

The panel of judges led by the CJN said, “We have examined all the briefs and exhibits for over two weeks.

“And we agreed that there is no merit in this appeal. The appeal is dismissed. Reasons to be given on a date to be announced.”