Willie XO (Source: Instagram)
Willie XO (Source: Instagram)

London based-Nigerian singer, Jocey Joseph Ekwuazi aka Willie XO has said that it is an insult to compare him with American singer, R Kelly.

This is coming after one he shared a photo on Instagram and a follower described him as “Nigerian R Kelly”

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This did not go down well with Willie XO, as he said it’s no longer a compliment to be described as R Kelly.

He added that he would rather go for a face transplant if fans keep saying he looks like the  singer.

Willie XO wrote “Thats a diss fam. Im no R Kelly! It’s no a longer a compliment saying someone looks like R Kelly, besides there’s zero resemblance. Y’all kill that joke or Im getting a face transplant!”

Just recently, an activist in Atlanta Kenyette Tisha Barnes refused to pay up her bills at a restaurant because R Kelly’s song was played repeatedly.

Barnes said she was forced to listen to his song, while describing the singer as ‘a sexual predator’.

Recall that the American singer was arrested in July over alleged child pornography and federal sex trafficking.

R Kelly was charged with five counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, four counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault and two counts of criminal sexual assault.