Prime Minister Boris Johnson (image courtesy: AFP)

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will try for a fourth time to secure an early general election after lawmakers rejected his plan on Tuesday.

The Conservative leader is trying to lead Britain through a three-year crisis that was meant to end Thursday with the country’s exit from the European Union.

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But he was forced to abandon his “do-or-die” pledge to leave the bloc on schedule and begrudgingly accepted another extension from Brussels until the end of January next year.

The PM will now ask MPs to approve a 12 December election through a one-page bill – which needs the support of fewer MPs than his last attempt.

But No 10 sources say they would accept an election on 11 December to get opposition parties on-board.

Johnson said the “paralysis” could not go on, but Labour said a no-deal Brexit had to be taken off the table.

This comes after EU leaders accepted the UK’s request to extend the Brexit deadline to 31 January – but the UK can leave earlier if a deal is agreed by Parliament.

The Commons backed the government’s election motion by 299 to 70 on Monday – but it was well short of the two-thirds of all 650 MPs whose support is needed to call an election under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act.

All Conservative MPs backed the motion, but the vast majority of MPs from Labour – the largest opposition party – abstained, along with the Scottish National Party and Democratic Unionist Party from Northern Ireland.

All but one MP from the Liberal Democrats voted against it.