What Will Happen To Biafrans If They Break Away - El-Jibrin
Pro-Biafra agitators/File Photo

As hardcore Biafrans continue their agitation for a secession, a former lawmaker, Senator Muslihu El-Jibrin Doguwa has said that any region that breaks away from Nigeria ‘will cry’, Concise News reports.

Doguwa, who was the chairman Senate Committee on Agriculture between 1999 and 2003, while speaking in a recent interview with Vanguard said the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) stand no chance for a republic, if they secede.

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“Let me tell you about this issue of IPOB, Afenifere and northerners, we don’t see ourselves as Nigerians.

“During the days of Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, he talked about Nigeria, he talked about the problems in the East, he talked about the problems in the West and there was that regional issue; the Northern Region, the Southern Region and the Eastern Region and the rest.

“The issue is that those people in IPOB and similar movements agitations were not around when our founding fathers were talking about the unity of this country.

“That is why they are bastardizing the thinking of our youths and putting them on the wrong path, thinking that when they secede they will succeed.

“Whoever secedes from Nigeria as it is today will not succeed.

“Let me tell you this, especially the IPOB that has made it an issue. If they are allowed to go they will cry,” he declared.

“Let me give you a simple example, can you tell me any small village in Nigeria today that you cannot find an Igbo man? You can’t.

“You can’t tell me of a small village in this country where you will not find an Igbo man doing his small business or trade.

“When they secede will they then say they are going back to their own country? Do you think we in remaining Nigeria will allow them to continue to stay in our villages or in our own part? Or will they allow our people to stay in their own part? No, they will not.”

Proscribed IPOB members and security operatives in Nigeria have repeatedly clashed as they are deemed outlawed.

Although, President Muhammadu Buhari has said Nigeria is indivisible, IPOB wants a group of states in south-east Nigeria, made up mainly of people from the Igbo ethnic group, to break away and form the independent nation of Biafra.

The plan is not new. In 1967, Igbo leaders declared a Biafran state, but after a brutal civil war, which led to the deaths of up to a million people, the secessionist rebellion was defeated.

But the idea of separatism has bubbled away since then and Nnamdi Kanu is the latest in a line of Biafran activists taking up the cause.