Senate President Lawan Explains Why Nigeria Needs Bicameral NASS
Senate President Ahmad Lawan (image courtesy Nigerian Senate)

Senate President Ahmad Lawan has maintained that Nigeria still needs a bicameral legislature because the country is diverse.

Lawan said Nigeria’s bicameral legislature which contains the Senate and House of Representatives has ensured justice, equity and fairness.

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He spoke on Monday in Abuja during the third University of Benin/National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS) convocation ceremony.

According to the lawmaker, there will be much problem if the country adopts a unicameral legislature as the minority ethnic groups in the nation will be excluded from governance.

He said: “Nigeria has consciously adopted to have a bicameral National Assembly; it is because of who and what we are.”

Lawan noted that “The diversity of Nigeria and ethnic composition of the country requires that we have a system that provides justice, equity and fair play.

“It is a conscious decision and design to ensure that everybody is represented in the country. We need bicameral legislature in Nigeria.”

Enhanced Productivity

Furthermore, he added that the country’s quality of governance will improve by more productive lawmaking bodies and not the adoption of a unicameral legislature.

“What we should insist on is productivity. Members of the National Assembly must justify the expenditure on us. That is what we should be concerned with,” the lawmaker said.

“We must be productive and we are on the way. We are on the way to proving that we are going to be productive.”