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Apostle Johnson Suleman. Photo credit: Facebook

President of the Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide Apostle Suleman Johnson has said that those who involve themselves in Yahoo (internet scamming) ‘have compressed their future to their present’.

Concise News reports that in a video posted on Sunday on Celebration TV, the official television channel of Apostle Suleman, the televangelist advised people not to be moved by ill-gotten wealth.

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“I told somebody, I said come. All these things you guys are calling Yahoo. You make money. I say you are stupid.

“Let me tell you the principle of life.

“When you go to a herbalist. What they call ‘Yahoo Plus’. You go to a herbalist to give you charm to make money.

“The truth is this: you have compressed your future to your present. Normally, you are destined to be wealthy.

“It’s not Satan that give you. Satan cannot give you wealth.

“Your tomorrow, you have ‘eaten’ it today. So there will be two options left.

“So when you get to that tomorrow, you will be poor, or you will not get to that tomorrow at all!

“So, forget all that they are buying cars. They are ‘eating’ their tomorrow or they are ‘eating’ their life.

“So it shouldn’t move you.”

He continued:

“And including you they give money and you collect. You have become a victim of his proceeds.

“So never allow it to bother you.”

The fiery preacher then backed up his advice with scriptural evidence.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Nigerian video vixen Cossy Orjiakor has again asked Apostle Suleman to “settle” her.

Five months ago when Apostle Suleman acquired a private jet, Orjiakor, after congratulating the clergyman, demanded for settlement after she allegedly acted as pimp for him. She described him as “my padi before, before”.

About a month later, she talked about Apostle Suleman’s manhood, telling him to “use your tithes to pay me off”.

In a post on an Instagram page, @apostlejohnsonsuleman, Orjiakor accused the pastor of not wanting to pay.

She wrote on the comment section via her known Instagram account: “This Man U no wan settle me continue@ I go preach about you in my sermon.”

At the time of publishing this report, Apostle Suleman had yet to respond to her latest comment.