RCCG: How I Escaped Killer Herdsmen, Lost My Brother - Adeboye's Pastor
E.A Adeboye/File Photo

An Assistant Pastor with General Overseer Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Lynda Dike has narrated her ordeal in the hands of killer herdsmen.

Concise News reports that in an interview with New Telegraph recently, Pastor Dike revealed that she has received series of death threats by some Islamic fanatics in Agege community because according to her, they “wanted our church moved from that location”.

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She pointed accusative fingers at the leaders of the Agege Hausa community, claiming they gave the RCCG in the area an ultimatum to take down the loudspeakers used in preaching the gospel.

“I had been sent several death threats by persons suspected to be Islamic extremists connected to the Agege Hausa community since my crusade against Islamic leaders in my area who wanted our church moved from that location.

“The leaders of the Agege Hausa community gave our church an ultimatum to take down the loudspeakers we use in preaching the gospel, that it was affecting them in the area.”

She adds that since they said the loudspeakers were affecting them, her church obliged and brought it down.

“We obliged them and did exactly what they requested. But they later approached us to move the church from the area which we refused and it brought about animosity.”

Asked about her claim of threats in a Lagos environment and her juxtaposition of Islamic extremism and killer herdsmen, she explained: “The herdsmen have been emboldened of late and undertaking incursions in areas they dare not go before.

“Before now, they use to remain in and around the Northern part of Nigeria, but most recently, there are pockets of them spread across Nigeria and attacking vulnerable Christians and Christian leaders.

“Kidnappings of Christian leaders by these deadly herdsmen have more than doubled in the past few years. I am telling you what I know because I lost my brother.

“My younger brother, Gordon Ihekaozor was killed on the 3rd of May 2019 in our family home in Lagos, while he was trying to stop persons suspected to be killer herdsmen who had come looking for me from gaining entrance into our home.

“Days before my brother was killed, I was sent death threats through calls and even text messages and even after they killed him.”

On how she knew they were herdsmen and if she reported the matter to the Police, she stated:

“They are Fulanis; they spoke in deep Northern Nigerian accent.

“They still called and taunted me and I took these messages which were written in Arabic language to the police and they dismissed it as unserious, they saw it as a prank by unscrupulous elements who wanted to sow a seed of discord.

“I became terrified for my life and the safety of my child and I had no choice but to flee Nigeria.”

Pastor Dike claimed that no arrest has been made since the murder of her sibling.