Insurgent Clash: ISIS Makes First Claim In Mozambique
ISIS (Image Credit: Daily Mail)

Terrorist group ISIS has chosen a new leader after the US forces killed its former leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi over the weekend.

The new leader, who has reportedly been chosen as an heir by al-Baghdadi since August is Abdullah Qardash – nicknamed ‘The Professor’ for his reputation as a legislator.

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It was gathered that Qardash is known as a cruel but popular figure among ISIS rank-and-file.

Qardash also known as Hajji Abdullah al-Afari, was said to have been nominated by Baghdadi in August to run the group’s “Muslim affairs” in a widely-circulated statement attributed to ISIS’ official Amaq news outlet.

He is understood to have already taken over a number of duties from al-Baghdadi prior to his demise this week when he detonated a suicide vest.

An official said, “Baghdadi was a figurehead. He was not involved in operations or day-to-day.

“All Baghdadi did was say yes or no—no planning.”