Why Buhari's Daughter Can’t Speak Hausa Fluently
Zahra Buhari married Ahmed Indimi in 2016 (image courtesy: State House)

One of President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughters, Zahra, has revealed that she cannot speak fluently in Hausa – the language mostly spoken in northern Nigeria.

Concise News learned that Zahra, who made this known on Friday at a BBC Hausa event, attributed her inability to speak good Hausa to attending schools with “children of white people.”

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”Every day my father would correct my Hausa when I converse with him,” Zahra, who married Ahmed Indimi in 2016, said in Hausa amidst laughter after she was asked to make a comment at the ceremony officiated in the language.

According to her, she and her siblings rarely communicate in Hausa, adding that they usually speak in “Engausa” a colloquial term for mixing of English and Hausa in a conversation.