Diane (source: Twitter)
Diane (source: Twitter)

Former BBNaija housemate, Tacha has accused show organisers of not taking any action when Diane hit her eye during an argument.

Tacha made this known while recounting the incident that led to her disqualification from the competition.

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According to the Port Harcourt first daughter, Diane hit her right eye on the day the red box got missing after Tuface’s visit to the house.

“For the records, Diane punched my right eyes, there is a low …about that incident in the house that night,” she said.

“On Tuface’s birthday, she hit my eyes and I said no, I’m not going to get a strike because of you, I’m not going to touch you.”

Asked if Biggie knew about it, Tacha said “I kept on ringing the diary room bell like, i have to tell Biggie this”

On Biggie responding, she said “we don’t always get answers for days, if you want it to be faster, you can tell the head of house and Biggie will call you in.”

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Tacha (source: Instagram)

“There was this diary session that was not made available to the viewers, on this day I reminded Biggie that Diane hit my eyes during a diary session and Biggie was like ‘Big brother is reminded’ i expected her to at least get a warning but she didn’t.”

“This happened and not even a screen of the incident was shot, cuz whenever something happens in the house, Biggie shows us the clip before he passes judgement, i kept on waiting like when are they going to show a video of what she did.”

Asked if she feels her disqualification was unfair, she said “well Biggie’s house, Biggie’s rule, what might get you a strike might get me a disqualification, what can get you a warning can get you a strike, everything is at Biggie’s digression.”

Tacha further claimed that other housemates were aware, saying “I have no reason to lie against her, if people in the house really want to be truthful, they’ll say she actually hit me.”