Why It's Very Important For Middle-Aged People To Reduce Sex - Health Expert
A couple on bed/File Photo

A Medical Expert, Dr Ibrahim Kolawole, on Wednesday advised people who are above 45 years to avoid excessive sexual intercourse, self-medication and other acts inimical to well-being to combat old age-related health challenges.

Concise News reports that Kolawole made the recommendation during a health talk on “Tackling Old Age Health Challenges’’ in Ajase-Ipo, Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara.

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He also recommended maintenance of healthy and hygienic lifestyle to minimise the complications of old age-related health challenges.

According to him, old age normally comes with various health challenges which are capable of causing untimely death if not properly catered for.

Kolawole noted that development in any human being terminates at the age of 21 when all organs of the body might start to deteriorate and malfunction due to ill health.

The medical expert identified neglect, depression, inability to eat good food, inadequate income, sex inactivity, as some of the problems to be encountered at old age.

Kolawole also attributed some old age challenges to heredity, saying that there was every tendency for children to inherit any disease from their biological fathers or mothers.

He listed arthritis and heart-related diseases as the commonest health challenges among the elderly.

“To prepare for ageing period, it is recommended that adult above 21 years should imbibe regular physical exercise to stay healthy.

“People should also stay away of indiscriminate consumption of foods and drinks.

“More importantly, anybody above 45 years should avoid taking junk foods, sugary drinks and alcohol consumption.

“They should also shun smoking, excessive sexual intercourse, self-medication and other acts inimical to well-being, as a way of preparing for old age,’’ he said.

Kolawole advised the public to always work and synergise with their medical practitioners by developing a personalised activity plan that could help maintain a healthy status.

“This is along with other procedures like eating healthy foods, regular check-up and treatment in maintaining good health,’’ he said.