North-Western Nigeria Torture Centres: Pastor Tells Govt What To Do
Deputy Governor of Kaduna State, Hadiza Balarabe, speaks to rescued victims at the NSCDC office. (Image credit: Channels TV)

Peace Revival and Reconciliation Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), on Tuesday advocated for the establishment of government-controlled rehabilitation centres to curb activities of quacks.

Concise News reports that Pastor Yohanma Buru, President of the Foundation, gave  the advice in an interview with NAN in Kaduna.

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He spoke against the backdrop of recent raids on some rehabilitation centres in Kaduna and Katsina states, where inmates were allegedly subjected to sexual abuses and dehumanising conditions.

“Government should build rehab centres to train these children the way they want to train them.

“Closure of these centres by the government without making any provisions would increase the rate of crime in the society.

“Many of the youths in these centres are those that turned against the norms of society and its laws and order.

“These youths are into drug addiction and other assorted crimes that would breach the peace of society; rehabilitation centres are the only centres that can control them,” Buru said.

According to him, closing the centres and releasing the inmates into the society would only raise the already high crime rate.

Buru noted that the issue of insurgency, kidnapping, banditry, cattle rustling, farmers and herdsmen clashes, and other crimes were largely caused by disgruntled youths.

On the alleged maltreatment of inmates of the rehabilitation centres, the pastor said, “if the allegations made against rehabilitation centre operators is true, then we are not happy.

“We are not happy because any inhuman behaviour and maltreatment against humanity is what we stand against.

“We don’t support it and it is against our constitution and the standard of international law.

“We are against that, but this is not happening in all the rehabilitation centres. I don’t think all the centres are like that.”

Buru urged the government to set clear standards and guidelines for all those wishing to set up traditional rehabilitation centres, to avert abuse of inmates.

Meanwhile, Malam Lawal Maduru, the Founder, Nigger Rehabilitation Centre, Rigasa, which was shut down on Saturday, expressed disappointment over the action.

“I have been operating the centre for over 15 years and we have over 2000 ex-inmates we rehabilitated, government should talk to them.

“They are the people who will give complete information about happenings in the centre, not those who want to leave by any means to continue with their bad behaviours.

“Such inmates will never say good things because they want to leave the centres, they will say all sorts of things’’.