EPL: Pochettino Speaks On Leaving Tottenham
Mauricio Pochettino (image courtesy Getty)

Tottenham Hotspur coach Mauricio Pochettino has admitted that he could be sacked as the coach of the North London side if there is no change of fortunes at the club.

Concise News reports that Tottenham have had one of their poorest start to the season this term, recording only three wins in nine domestic encounters.

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Over the weekend, Spurs drew 1-1 with bottom-of-the-table Watford in the Premier League.

The Argentine believes if there is no turn around in the club’s fortune soon, he may get the boot.

“Our performance is not as good as we can deliver,” Pochettino told Reuters. “Of course we need to improve.

“On the other side, there are all of the rumours that happen at any club when you don’t win but it doesn’t mean they’re true.

“I understand this business. I’m 47 – why do you think I don’t have grey hair? Because I don’t pay attention to any of this. I only pay attention that we need to improve our performances.

“If we don’t improve our performance, what is going to be the result? It’s always the same in football and you are thinking the same as me.”

Pochettino who led the north London side to the Champions League final last season noted that he is not surprised by calls for his sack.

“That is football, I’m not surprised. It’s normal,” Pochettino added.  “Football is always about winning today and tomorrow. What happens yesterday is gone and we apply this philosophy here.

“You need to think about winning today and tomorrow… If I think too much ahead and I don’t win, then these rumours don’t surprise me.”

The EPL side will on Tuesday take on Red Star Belgrade at the bottom of Group B in a Champions League match.