Bishop Oyedepo Releases Weekly Prophetic Declaration
Bishop Oyedepo Founder of Living Faith Ministries. Photo credit: Instagram

Bishop David Oyedepo of the Winners’ Chapel has told his congregants that they would see a turnaround in their lives, Concise News reports.

Concise News understands that Oyedepo said this on Sunday in his weekly prophetic declaration at the Winners’ Chapel Headquarters in Canaanland, Ogun State.

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Speaking on the theme of Sunday service, Bishop Oyedepo said the anointing of God is what makes room for exploits.

He noted that with the anointing, barriers are broken and exploits become a natural phenomenon.

The clergyman, therefore, declared to the congregants that “The door shut against your career must be forced open now!

“By this anointing, Your obstacles will be turned to miracles! The door the enemy has shut against your marital destiny must be blasted open today!

“Whatever is not of God in your body tormenting your life, shall be flushed out now! May every of your act of obedience provoke God’s manifest presence in your life!

“I declare your era of open doors now! Every closed door against you is opened up today!”