Shiites: What IMN Planned To Do To President Buhari
Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN)/ Twitter

The proscribed Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has said that it is ready to dialogue with the Federal Government.

Interim leader of the outlawed group, Yakubu Yahaya, made this known during a press conference in Katsina State on Saturday.

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Concise News had reported that the federal government had proscribed the movement after deadly clashes between the police and members of the group during protests for the release of the IMN leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

Speaking further, he said the group was a peace-loving one and will not allow anybody to use it to destabilise the peace of Nigeria.

He said: “Our doors are open for dialogue with the government and whoever wants to dialogue with us. Our doors are open anytime, without condition for dialogue. Because we understand the government, it is the government that doesn’t understand us. If they seek our hands of friendship, we are ever ready.

“We are peace-loving people. And we have no country other than Nigeria, so we won’t allow anybody to use us to destabilise the peace of the country.”

He also said, “We are not fighting the government because we understand them but it is the government who is fighting and attacking us because they don’t understand our religion.

“Our religion permits us to rally during the observation of our various occasional events so if they agree that we have a religion they should allow us to practice our religion the way we understand it. If there is a law or verse from the Holy Book that prohibits our activities they should prove it to us.”