Nollywood actress Jennifer John. Source: Instagram

Nollywood actress Jennifer John has revealed she turned down sex-for-roles because her God-ordained roles would come, Concise News reports.

Jennifer noted that since she began acting, she had had plenty of instances where producers demand sex for her to be handed roles.

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According to her, she did not fall to the producer’s demand, saying all her roles in movies were merited.

“I’ve got several sex-for-role proposals from producers, which I turned down because that is not who I am,” she told Inside Nollywood.

“All the roles I played up until now had nothing to do with sexual favours
and I bless God for that.

“My God-ordained roles will get to me without any such compromise. If the role was God-ordained, it won’t come with any such conditions.

“The stakes are higher now; the competition is stiffer. I think people would rather consider the business side of things rather than give roles to someone just because they complied with their sexual demands. That would be less than smart for business.”

While speaking on her parents’ fear that she might not make a good wife as she picked up acting, the Nollywood screen diva said she has been able to balance family and career.

“My parents don’t believe in that narrative, thankfully. Although, they ask those questions when they hear about crashed celebrity marriages,” she added.

“I think they’re more confident in the values they instilled in us, which will make people like me to be able to balance career and being a good wife.

“A lot of celebrity marriages pack up but some are still rock-solid regardless of their celebrity status.

“I’ll take a cue from those, and of course, with the help and direction from God, I’ll successfully manage both.”