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President Buhari conferred with the title of Ochioha Ndigbo 1 during his visit to Ebonyi state (photo: State House)

A former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode has said “the injustice that Nigeria represents” will not make an Igbo become president in 2023.

President Muhammadu Buhari who is from northern Nigeria is expected to hand over, in 2023, to someone from the country’s Southern part under the unwritten rotational presidency.

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There have been calls from the South East that the region should produce the nation’s next president when Buhari hands over.

However, Fani-Kayode has said the north will never back an Igbo presidency, claiming that southern Nigeria needs emancipation.

“If you believe that the north will support an Igbo Presidency in 2023 then you still don’t understand the injustice that Nigeria represents,” he tweeted, Tuesday.

“The north will NEVER support an Igbo presidency and that is the tragedy of Nigeria. The entire south needs EMANCIPATION and not Presidency.”

Northern Elder Fumes

Meanwhile, an elder statesman Junaid Mohammed has said the Igbo can leave Nigeria in 2023 if they do not get a shot at the presidency.

Junaid who is a Second Republic lawmaker said this on Tuesday where he urged any South East politician having the ambition of becoming the country’s president in 2023 to kill the thought.

According to him, the South East region has not brought out a credible person to lead the nation.

”I challenge Igbos to secede if they are denied Presidency in 2023. If they don’t secede, let them go to hell,” Daily Independent quoted him as saying.

“They have tried secession before but they were defeated and failed and they lost over one million people.

“If they want to secede again because of 2023 politics, they are more than welcome. You think anybody will beg them not to secede?”