Professor Ransford Gyampo

The University of Ghana has cleared its lecturers of any wrongdoing in the sex-for-grades video documentary released by the BBC.

Concise News reports that Yaw Gyampo, a professor of political science, and Paul Butakor, a lecturer at the College of Education, were seen soliciting sex from students in a 13-minute video documentary released by the BBC Africa Eye on Monday.

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However, Chairperson for Anti-sexual harassment of the institution, Dr. Margaret Amoakohene in an interview with Citi News, said though the lecturers misbehaved in the video, nothing pointed out to him engaging in sex-for-grades as the BBC made people believe.

“If you look at the transcript that they added, there is no evidence of sex-for-grade. I agree that the lecturers misbehaved and so you will discuss these as unacceptable behaviours that should be investigated but there was no indication of sex-for-grades. In one case, it was about the national service placement. Who needs grades at national service? She completed and she was looking for placement”.

“In the other case according to the transcript, the lady approached him [Prof. Gyampo] and said she wanted him to be a mentor. She actually confirmed she wasn’t his student but asked that he mentors her. So where is the grade involved in this?

“You are able to discuss grades and sex when you find a lecturer who is dating his own students, and either unnecessarily giving them grades that they don’t deserve or marking them down because they have refused your advances. But in the two cases that are cited, I don’t see sex-for-grades.”

Isaac Agyemang, president of UG student representative council (SRC), was said to have advised students who are victims of sexual harassment to cooperate with ongoing investigations.

“As it stands now, these are allegations that have come up. Until they are proven guilty our remarks will be speculative,” Agyemang was quoted to have said.

“But all these people captured in the video will duly be investigated within the remits of the University of Ghana. Our fingers are crossed as an SRC so any student who has been a victim shouldn’t shy away from the SRC.”

Gyampo said he would sue the BBC over the sex-for-grades documentary. He also said the documentary could not establish anything against him.