n-power news
Some N-Power beneficiaries (Image: Pulse.ng)

The N-Power Tech Software training has started, according to a statement from the handlers of the empowerment scheme, Concise News reports.

A statement from N-Power on Tuesday noted that the beneficiaries will be taught HTHL, CSS, PHP, Java, front end and back-end Programing.

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It noted that other programmes include Web programming and digital marketing among others.

“Beneficiaries will be taught digital programming – HTHL, CSS, PHP, Java, front end and back-end Programing,” N-Power tweeted.

“Web Programming ( Advanced, Architecture etc) and Digitial Marketing.”

Accusations Against N-Power

Handlers of the N-Power scheme have been accused of keeping the September stipends of beneficiaries to accumulate interest in the bank.

This news medium understands that N-Power beneficiaries have not been paid their September 2019 stipend, seven days into a new month.

Some of the beneficiaries of the empowerment scheme are furious over the delay in the payment of the September stipend, describing it as habitual.

According to a Twitter user who claims to be a beneficiary of the scheme, N-Power handlers have kept their stipends in a bank to accumulate interest for them before they are paid.