Nigerian comedian and actor Atunyota Akpobome, widely known as Alibaba, has said that being alone and celibate leads to depression.

Concise News reports that Alibaba made this known in a post on his Instagram page where he stated that it is vital for one to be in a relationship.

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In the post, the comedian noted that being married or committed to one person is a beautiful thing, while urging people to avoid deceits on contrary beliefs.

The post reads “Being married or committed to one person is a beautiful thing. Don’t let these folks tell you a lie. Ain’t nothing better than having a soul mate, best friend, lover and protector”

“Being in a relationship is important. Being alone and celibate… can lead you to depression faster than you think” he captioned the post.

Alibaba has overtime made a name for himself and has become the most sought after Master of Ceremony in the country.

He has also notable mentored, supported and promoted other upcoming comedians in the country.