The Best Solution To Racism In Football
Romelu Lukaku, Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba have all been victims of racial abuse this season (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Although football – the world’s biggest sport – has a multitude of issues, it is clearly endangered by rising incidents of racial abuse. So, how can this be solved effectively? This Concise News writer proffers the best solution.

Displaying banners with ‘No To Racism’ on them seem not to be working. It is not enough on it’s own.

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The Best Solution To Racism In Football
The English Premier League (EPL) tackles the rise in the number of discriminatory incidents at games. (Photo: The Guardian)

Clubs and professional players yell on social media to caution their teeming supporters, yet people remain defiant.

We are in a digital age, so these things are hard to control.

Reports of racism in football have gone up, according to new figures from the charity Kick It Out.

Actually, racism is a problem with the society, that is why the problem remains undefeated in arguably the globe’s most enjoyable sport.

Not beating around the bush, the best solution is for governing bodies, charities around the world and club sides to adopt a ‘zero tolerance’ approach in tackling racism in football. They, as well as players, fans and the media need to double down on their efforts to give the scourge a big ‘smackdown’! It is a collaborative fight.

Indeed, the media too have a huge part to play for they are the light of the world.

In Italy, individual responsible for abuse was interviewed by two of the country’s national newspapers. That’s not so good! This act allow the culprit to paint himself as the victim in some way. Media should not offer platform to someone who is being racist!

Many incidents of racism occur in the western world – most especially. In Italy, Russia, and of late, England, racism in football is springing up worrisomely.

Now, whether racial abuse happens at the stadia or on social media, the strongest response possible – a lifetime ban – should be issued when the person responsible is culpable. Just like Chelsea and A.S. Roma did not long ago.

Twitter, Instagram and the like are doing their bit by permanently suspending a series of accounts for hateful conduct, all and sundry should also live to love! We need to change our unacceptable behaviour!

No man deserve to be discriminated against simply because of the colour of his skin. We did not make ourselves!